Do you have any more Domains?

Yes! We will be adding new domains every day so please check back often.

Can I see the domain names?

To protect the domain on behalf of any future buyer we will not reveal any URLs on this site. However if you contact us with the domain ID(s) you are interested in then we can send you the addresses.

How are the Prices Calculated?

The prices are calculated using a formula in order to give a fair price for each domain relative to the strength of it’s metrics. It mainly takes into account Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow.

What are our Metric Requirements?

All domains conform to these minimum requirements:

  • Moz Page Authority > 25
  • Moz Domain Authority > 15
  • Majestic SEO Trust Flow > 10
  • No Spam

In reality you will find many domains on this site far exceeding those minimums but that is what we look for to ensure a domain is strong and trustworthy.

Do you have any Domains in x Niche?

If you are looking for domains in a certain niche and there are not any listed on this page, or you are looking for more then contact us on ourĀ enquiries page. Our team will be able to hunt for domains in any niche and get back to you with some results.

Do these Domains have Google PageRank?

Yes, sometimes. Though it is better to be more concerned about other metrics as the PageRank that we see on the toolbar is VERY outdated and no longer being updated by Google.

What really matters is that the powerful backlinks are still pointing to the domain so that when you use them they will transfer their link juice back to your money sites, and in turn increase your rankings.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if the domain doesn’t get indexed or there is any other reasonable problem then we will be happy to offer a refund.

Isn’t Building a Private Blog Network Risky?

Google has infamously targeted public blog networks in the past such as Build My Rank and more recently Anglo Rank but they all had one thing in common. They openly sold their services and it was very easy to infiltrate their network and de-index the sites. If you build your own network then there is no reason for Google to target you and if you build it without any footprints then they can’t target you.

How should I set up a Private Blog Network?

We will soon be publishing a detailed post on this matter but until then these are the things you should consider in order to prevent leaving a footprint for Google:

  • Use different registrars
  • Use different hosts
  • Make sure each site has a unique C-Class IP address
  • Don’t use plugins that could create a footprint, and vary which plugins you use on each site
  • Use a different name for each WordPress user
  • Look at and build the domain to be somewhat relevant to the previous site
  • Create an about page or widget