We are here to provide premium quality domains which will turbo charge your SEO efforts by allowing you to take control of your link building and dominate the SERPs.

We have spent countless hours processing millions of rows of data in order to find only the strongest domains which meet our strict criteria. Often the domains we acquire have not even dropped out of Google’s index and still have PR, which makes them even more powerful.

If you are tired of paying over the odds at auction sites like GoDaddy for domains which are are of questionable quality then Authority Links is for you.

Our Domains are Different

  • They are aged, most of them are over 10 years old!
  • They already have very authoritative links that aren’t going anywhere.
  • They have high Page Authority, which is the metric most correlated with strong search engine rankings.
  • They used to be GENUINE websites of companies, people and organisations.
  • They have strong trust in Google’s eyes, something which can be measured in Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow score.
  • They have NEVER been spammed.

For this reason, one link from one of these high authority domains can be more powerful than hundreds of weak links built with standard IM methods. Instead of building thousands of links and risk a Google penalty why not build 10-20 high quality links that are more effective and far less risky?

Why use Expired Domains?

Put simply, they work and you can expect strong results. There are a three main ways to use these powerful domains:

  1. Build a private blog network and link to your money sites
  2. 301 redirect them to your money site
  3. Build a new site on the expired domain and use it’s existing authority

All of these are great methods but by far the most popular way is to build a private blog network. There is a lot of talk in the SEO world right now about these networks, and the demand for high authority domains is HUGE. The reason for this is that it’s by far the most powerful and one of the few effective tactics that works right now to rank websites in Google…and it works very well.

What we Offer

So here’s the deal, we have put in the hours and done the hard work in finding these domains so you don’t have to. If you went elsewhere you would end up paying thousands to put together your own private blog network of similar standard domains. The reason for this is they are such valuable investment and powerful asset to have. Once you have this set up, it will pay for itself, either through ranking your own sites, client sites or both

Right now we have a special offer for those looking to purchase multiple domains and build their own network:

  • Buy 5 domains and get 10% OFF!
  • Buy 10 domains and get 20% OFF!

(the discount will be applied automatically at checkout)

You will not find a better deal elsewhere. With 20 strong domains you can rank many websites for many medium competition keywords. Is that not better value than paying for overpriced SEO services which normally yield mediocre results at best and at worst can penalize your site?